About MySlate

Our vision is to develop quality and innovative learning materials and make them reach all students in an affordable manner irrespective of their social, economic and geographical identity.

Our Credo is: Learning is Everyone’s Right!

Our emphasis is on intuitive explanations, clarifying concepts, relating with real world phenomena, and solving a variety of problems.

MySlate materials make the subjects easy to understand and self-learn. By explaining concepts from fundamentals, clarifying assumptions and illustrating various scenarios, they help students grasp the essence of a subject rather than memorize. We offer a range of effective learning mediums – books in digital and print forms, audio-visual tools, and experimental kits. Most of our digital books and other materials are available to everyone for free. You are welcome to use MySlate materials and share them with friends.

We aim to develop contents in major Indian languages covering the syllabi of major Boards followed by the schools in India.

Our initial set of materials are fully mapped to the CBSE curriculum. They will help students self-learn the concepts and solve problems relevant to their school and Board curricula, and thereby reduce dependence on commercial agencies. They will also enable the teachers and parents master the nuances of subjects and help their students and children learn effectively.

While MySlate materials aid students in India, the quality and style of explanations and problems make them universally valuable learning tools for a reader anywhere in the world.